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Care Instructions for your unique hair fall(s)

Congratulations on owning a little extra sparkle in your life! Just a little care will help your falls last for years to come.
WASH You can submerge the entire fall(s) in a bowl of warm soapy water and swirl around gently to dislodge any dust or dirt. Please do not rub as the yarns may start to unravel!
RINSE You can submerge and swirl again in a clean bowl of water. Gently shake to get rid of excess water.
DRY Hang to dry, preferably in a breezy area with not too much heat as the falls will melt if you put in a dryer or use a hair dryer.
USE Put your hair up in a ponytail or pigtails with rubber bands (the higher up on your head, the better). Tie the elastic on the fall in a bow (for ease of removal after a fun night of playing!) underneath the rubber band holding your pony (or pig) tails. Voila, you are now the queen of the evening!
  Alternatively, you can tie both on a barrette and put your hair in one ponytail with that barrette. The same goes for clips, combs, small barrettes for pigtails as the falls are exceedingly light. They can also be tied onto a headband for the hair-challenged.
STORAGE Hang to store, as the tubular crin can become crushed if stuffed in a small space. I prefer to display mine on a glass head on a shelf in my bathroom or hallway.
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